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Keep your favorite articles,videos or links organized in one place was never so easy. No distractions, access everything from everywhere

Your favorite content with zero distractions

With our article viewer, you can read your articles with no distracting ads or popups, keep just the important and give your eyes a beautiful read experience that will never forget.

“I need to read a lot of articles in my job, I used to loose a lot of time with ads and irrelevant things for the content. With the article reader feature I'm able to focus on the important and read 50x faster.”

Susan Hill, Digital Marketing Manager
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Light or Dark

Choose whatever is more comfortable for your eyes, just add any article to your pocket and set the dark mode, as easy as that you have any blog,newspaper, etc, on pure dark mode

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All-in-one platform

Start using mypocket and get all this benefits

Content Organization

Keep your content organized in different pockets so you can easily switch between your work tools or hobby content

Article Parsing

Add any article and get ride of cookies messages, adblock disabling messages, ads, irrelevant aside content, etc. Focus on the meaningful things

Video Embedding

Add any Youtube video and play it directly from your pocket thanks to our Embed feature

Dark Mode

Enjoy the dark mode while reading your articles or watching your embed videos

Links Organization

If what you added is not an article or a video, you will still benefit from the pockets by using it as a links organization

Coding Articles

If you add coding-related articles you will get benefits from our parsing, you will have a beautiful code snippets integrated